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6 mm Waterproof Composite Floor

The Fortem Metro Loft Midnight is a beautiful 6 mm thick Waterproof Composite Floor. Because this floors are 100% waterproof, they won’t swell, peel or buckle. They can be installed on wet areas like bathrooms. They can also be used where water may present a problem in case of a leak, like the kitchen or the laundry room. Because these floors do not expand or contract like laminates, there’s no need for transition moldings between rooms. This product is rated for On Grade, Above and Below Grade installations.

Each plank of this floor is enhanced with a soft and natural texture that is synchronized to the high definition film. This process is known as “Emboss in Register” or E.I.R. and it makes your floors look and feel like an actual hardwood floor. This beautiful texture is protected by a 20 mil wear layer. This layer acts as a shield that protects the looks of your floors over time from scarring, scratching and even discoloration. It also provides superior stain resistance and easier cleanability. These floors are rated for both residential and commercial applications.

Unlike cheap vinyl and laminate floors, our composite floors are 100% free of phthalates and formaldehyde, so you can experience the bliss of cleaner indoor air. And thanks to our patented, last generation 5G Locking System, our floors can be easily installed by anyone without the need of fancy tools or equipment.

Product Overview

  • These planks have an overall thickness of 6 mm (about 1/4 in.)
  • The Fortem Metro Loft Midnight comes with an ultra-realistic texture (also known as emboss in register).
  • Each plank measures around 7 inches wide by 48 inches long.
  • One box contains 10 planks, enough to cover 23.38 sq ft. Each carton weighs approximately 35 lbs.
  • There are 65 cartons on a pallet, which equals to 1520 square feet. A full pallet weighs 2315 lbs.
  • Each plank comes with micro-beveled edges on all 4 sides, to provide a more realistic hardwood look.
  • With a 20 mil wear layer, this floor is perfect for high traffic areas in residential and suitable for commercial applications.
  • Our composite floors are 100% free of phthalates and formaldehyde emissions.
  • The Fortem Metro Loft collection is 100% Waterproof, 100% Childproof and 100% Petproof.
  • Our engineered composite core offers sound reduction in both the IIC (Impact Sound Insulation), and the STC (Airborne Sound Transmission).
  • Thanks to the patented 5G® Locking System by Välinge, our floors can be easily installed by anyone without the need of fancy tools or equipment.
  • These floors won’t swell, nor get damaged when exposed to water. They can be installed On, Above, or Below Grade Level.
  • Because its a completely rigid product, it wont “telegraph” imperfections or deform in the form of “waves” like other vinyl flooring products.
  • The use of a dense and stable underlayment is required when doing a floating installation (recommended).
  • Glue-less installation system. Please refer to the installation guide on our support page.
  • This product comes with a Lifetime Limited Residential Warranty.
  • It also comes with a 10 Year Limited Commercial Warranty.